Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Welcome to the 59 club Hooligans blog. We are a bunch of Texas guys that share the love for fast bikes and cold beers, both leaning strongly towards Euro and cafe, but all are welcome. Chicks are good too, but that goes without saying. We have reps in Dallas and Houston. Please take the time to read the profile and find out what we are all about. Other than that, enjoy the ride.


hollywood said...

The Fifty Nine Club Hooligans

- We are a motorcycle riding club. We do not have a charter or pay dues. We have very few rules. We ride our bikes fast and enjoy our beer. We tip our caps to the Hooligans of days gone by. We don't care what you long as you CAN ride. We don't care how you long as you show up. Our influences range from Marlon Evel Kenievel. We consider the original members of the 59 club in London our forefathers...and will honor the club they created.

- Must have a motorcycle...2 wheels and a motor. Sidecars are ok...trikes are not.
- Prospective members must participate in rides and social events for a period of 6 months. After 6 months they become eligible for a vote.
- No drama. If you like to surround yourself with drama...keep on moving...this isn't for you.
- Don't be a dick.

- Bike social nights will be every Wednesday night. There is no requirement to attend these bike nights, but you are encouraged to come out when you can.
- Group rides will be planned most Sundays with a large group ride planned on the 1st Sunday of every month. All are strongly encouraged to attend the large group rides.
- The more participation we get from everyone...the stronger our club will be. With more visibility we will gain new members. With more members come new and fresh ideas and personalities. Our goal is to grow...not to exclude.

Made in Brazil said...

" Chicks are good too, but that goes without saying"... thanks Pete !
I ride a fast bike slowly and love cold beers ;)

Unknown said...

Dam el Paso tx chapter =(