Wednesday, March 25, 2009

59 Hooligans...What it's all about

There hasn't been any real discussion lately on who we are and what direction we are headed. So for any noobs out there that may have stumbled upon our modest little site...I say WELCOME. Stroll through the archives to see what we've been up to. Look hard enough and you'll find our manifesto.

Here it is in a nutshell: We are a small group of motorcycle RIDERS. "Riders" is a very important word in this equation. You see...we intend to get on our motorcycles and go places. See the country...ride the world. We are all experienced riders that enjoy pushing our bikes and our skills to the limits. We are safe...but like to have fun as well. If at all possible, we don't trailer our bikes...the pride is in the ride. We meet up on Wednesdays and Sundays to enjoy a ride and a pint...or many pints. We try to organize longer rides and/or events as time allows.

We are comfortable as a very small...tight knit group. We aren't looking for huge numbers of people with matching tshirts...we're looking for comrades...people we can trust. If that means we have a small group...then so be it.

If this is something that sounds interesting to you...give us a hollar. We'd be glad to meet you and share a pint.

Ride safe.



Pete said...


This ain't myspace for people with motorbikes.

Pete said...


The people that have stuck this think out... well they're the people I'd call if I was ever really in a bind. The people that I know would drop whatever they were doing and help.

People of character.

Someone once said that you can be defined by who you choose to associate with. I'm proud of who I am.

And James, Thanks for helping me bury that hooker.

Sid Fishious said...

Crap... we were supposed to bury them? I thought they all smelled like that.

hollywood said...

They sure weren't excited about getting in that hole...had to lure them with vanilla body spray and marlboro lights.

Pete said...

I have always wanted to be part of something with a "manifesto"