Monday, December 1, 2008



Shirts should be in by the end of the week. I will post updates, but email me with your size request. More importantly, you have been sent permission to post on the blog. With this invitation, certain responsibilities are being bestowed upon you. Simple rules apply...keep it clean-ish. The occasional nipple slippage is customary, but full on gynecological shots are a little out of the scope of what we are about. The Hooligan Po-Po's will be watching, so be cool.

That being said, this is your site. The direction I see this going is a blog about rides and reports, events, beer drinkin', chic watchin', and basic Hooliganism. Try to keep the initial post as short as possible. You can always add comments if you have a bunch to talk about.

That's it, have fun and make this a place people want to visit. As always, email me with anything suggestions or requests. For now, for simplisity, email me with photos you want added to the gallery. As I build up the stash, I will develop new slideshows.

Sid Fishious

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